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Mobile applications useful on a daily basis

Smartphones are so popular and functional that almost everybody owns them. Apart from having the basic functions such as making and receiving calls and messages, they also have many other uses. We can find different mobile applications on every smartphone. We select them on the basis of our preferences and expectations. Generally, they are designed for entertainment, but they are often very practical too. For instance, there are many mobile applications useful on a daily basis. How can a smartphone make our daily functioning easier?


Within the Wago system we offer three applications. The first one is CuteWago. A typical example of this app’s usage is sending occurrences to all connected to it applications for Android or iOS. It may for example be turning on or off lighting as well as change of its brightness. The most important CuteWago modules are: lighting and dimmers, shades, roof windows and gates, temperature control, dusk and motion sensors, control of LED or RGB. Apart from that it has periodic and logical functions that use rain and dusk sensors.

Aplikacje mobilne w domu



Another essential solution for the proper functioning of a smart home is CuteComfort. Using its modules we can define lighting, dimmers and smooth lighting scenes defined by a user. They are used also for irrigation with motion and window open sensors support. Moreover, they have periodic and logical functions that use rain and dusk sensors. Apart from that it has shades, roof windows, gates and lighting modules (just like CuteWago).


The MicroUPS device combines UPS with the UPS clock and the electricity switch type ATX. It is used for maintaining unit power and switching on and off an operating system safely. The device works successfully with microcomputers such as Raspberry, Cubieboard and other devices equipped with serial port or USB port for communication.

Convenient control of a smart home or an electric gate using a smartphone is actually a standard. Thanks to the Wago system’s solutions a smartphone can become a command center of lighting, temperature or shades. Such a solution will be appreciated even by the most demanding people.